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A doll  
to remember
                                a wonderful time


Doll Helen with Helen



We model your child, grandchild etc…
after a photo und make it as a doll in porcelain.

We herefore need:

1photo from the front and one of the profile directly at eye level  
and  or more photos of this time.

After the first modelling an intermediate arrangement with options for correction is made before the building of the form takes place.

Modelling costs: Starting from 550,00 GBP up to 620 GBP
160,00 GBP
prepayment with placing the order  
rest after finishing the modelling work

After this we talk with you about details like the colour of the skin, the hair, the eyes as well as clothes and hairstyle.

Costs of the doll: Starting  from 450,00 GBP up to 620,00 GBP

                depending of the height and the accessories


If you have original clothing we can use this or we’ll work it similar to your photos.
Orders can also be placed through email.

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