First Dolls Exhibition at The Mall Howgate in Falkirk
 30.09.- 01.10.2006

The official opening of the exhibition.
 From right Provost Jim Johnston with the artist Gerlinde Feser, Renate Wolf,
 vice-chairman of Schottlandvereinigung and Gerlindes husband Jürgen


Exhibition in Falkirk







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Gerlinde and husband Jürgen talking with Provost Johnston


Gerlinde with her dolls and some visitors around


The stand with the dolls



Thanks to all people of Odenwald Association, Schottlandvereinigung and also the Mall Howgate who all enabled us to have this exhibition. And also thanks to all visitors and customers who made this exhibition a great success. We are looking forward to soon be back in Falkirk. We will inform you as soon as we have arranged a new date for another exhibition and workshop. Anybody interested can be informed through our newsletter. (klick here) Thank you very much again to all concerned


Further information about the dolls and order conditions
can be obtained
by phone in Scottland 01324716417 Mrs. Heather Lamont

the Artist Gerlinde Feser in Germany 0049-6063-5292 or by E-Mail